Lost my whole grad essay - Microsoft Word on iPad Problem


Hi guys! I like most people can’t stand microsoft word, but in grad school it seems as though it’s a required issue. I was writing a paper in it as my teacher required in the Word ipad app. From there, I went to highlight select all to change the font size, but instead of typing 12 in the font section, it edited the whole essay and i know have the word 12. I tried all the obvious solutions with trying to undo, both in using the arrows and shaking. Nothing changes. The version history options on both the mac and ipad are greyed out for some reason and the worst part of this, is that it was set up to autosave, which in theory should make this easier. Does anyone have any solutions that I might not have came up with? Would be seriously saving my day!!! Thanks guys!


Where is this stored? iCloud? Dropbox? OneDrive?


iCloud folder…is this why i should be switching to dropbox lol


Hmm. Are you using Time Machine or Backblaze on the Mac?


I guess that’s lesson 2…no :frowning: