Lost Password on a Protected .doc Word File

I have a 2009 .doc word file I’m trying to access, only it’s password protected. Does anyone have any known way of accessing this?

I created the password as an extra step to secure the data. This was before I was a Mac user, or had 1Password or any real awareness of password management. I’ve tried every password I can recall using 10 years ago but to no avail.

Any internet search reveals windows specific executables of questionable nature.

I tried one suggestion of changing the extension (on a copy) to .rar and then deleting the encryption component of the resulting file archive but Unarchiver wants to open the .rar as a separate folder not directly open the archive.

I’d google unprotect word doc without password to see if there’s a Mac app or perhaps a webpage to which you could upload (assuming you don’t mind some site being able to peruse the file) but this page gives instructions on editing a file from that time period to remove the password.

Thanks, but as the page says:

Note that this method only works with Word Docs that are protected from editing, not files that require a password to open.

Ah, okay, I had the page bookmarked and noticed it referred to ‘unknown passwords’ so I thought it was relevant. I think a good googling is needed.

I’ve tried the Visual Basic suggestions such as this but it results in an error when I try to run the script.

If you really need to access an encrypted file (and not just a locked/protected one) you’ll need to buy a password recovery app, which might or might not work, or use a service in which you upload the file. This one is €10 and offers some form of ‘proof’ after upload before you pay.