Love the new MacSparky Siri Shortcuts Field Guide

Hi there
You should definitely come
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Really great !
Way to go.
How did you implement the “Save email”?

Yeah it’s great
“The only thing “ I am missing right now is to be able to use Project Templates in OF3 on iOS.

Good job reminding of the #shortcuts tag
Will use that one

After getting, starting and loving the Omnifocus Field Guide and then reading this I think I may have to get this one too. I barely use Siri at all,only to say Siri Remind me and then have that dump automatically into my Omnifocus inbox. I’m sure I could learn something that would help me do my job.

I love the Ships Log use case.

Here’s a link to the shortcut:

I launch this from the share sheet inside of an email that I’ve opened, chosen to print, and used the two finger expansion trick to get to the share option. From there it prompts me for a file name and lets me choose from a dozen or so places to file this away. It then adds the current date and saves the file as a PDF in the correct folder I’ve Selected Dropbox. Mighty handy.

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Hi Chris. How much memory did all the videos take? Thanks

I got some money for Christmas and have purchased a few things. I finally decided to buy the Siri Shortcuts field guide and spend some time seeing how Shortcuts can benefit me.

I spent an hour this morning going through tutorials while simultaneously replicating what David does in the videos. I’m taking my time because I don’t want to assume I can pick this up quickly. I’ve dabbled in a few articles in the past, especially with Workflow and I never went anywhere with it.

This is different. I’m starting to grasp this appropriately. Walking before running.

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I was just wondering this myself, as I was clicking through the site, buying this field guide.

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Do you mean- how much disk space?