Love the new MacSparky Siri Shortcuts Field Guide

My wife, Anna, and myself are sitting in a cozy coffee shop in Sweden enjoying the new MacSparky Siri Shortcuts Field Guide. image


Purchased my copy and started working my way through the 3+ hours of material. Really good so far and @MacSparky that new home studio is really nice! Congrats.

Love the picture!

Thanks so much. I’ve been a little quiet in the forum the last few weeks because Apple is releasing Siri Shortcuts today and Omni Group is releasing OmniFocus 3 for Mac in a week. I’m neck deep in the OmniFocus Field Guide right now. It’s coming out great. There is not only a lot of “how” but also a fair bit of “Why” in this new one and I really like how it is coming out.


As I said in another thread the app that I’m most looking forward to is OmniFocus 3 for Mac (I’ve held off on OF3 for iOS until the Mac version comes out). I’m also really looking forward to the new Field Guide to help me get the most out of it. I have a feeling that OF3 is going to change the way I use OmniFocus quite a bit and I’m counting on @MacSparky to help me with that.

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I agree, I have been meaning to get into Workflow and never did so I bit the Bullet and bought davids Shortcuts course.

Excellent course, I am now making a list of the shortcuts I am going to put together…

@MacSparky We need a dedicated Shortcuts sub-forum, what do you think?

We’ve got the Cool Workflows category. I think if we could get people in the habit of tagging their posts #shortcuts that would do the job without creating a subforum (though when I look at the #shortcuts tag it seems like I’m the only one who uses it). And, of course, there’s always the Automators forum.


I love the fact that @MacSparky makes the Field Guide videos available for download. I’m going on a trip and I wanted to put them on my iPad in case I ran into a hotel with lousy wifi. I downloaded all the videos, put them on my Plex server and used the Plex app to sync them to my iPad. It worked great.

My one request for a feature enhancement would be a link where we could download all the videos at once rather than having to download each one. David crams so many videos into the class that it takes a while to do them one at a time!


I’m working on a solution for that Chris.

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Is there any possibility of making them available on the Apple TV? I tried airplaying the videos on 5-6 different occasions, but the web player kept failing on me.

Rainy and windy weekend here in the Seattle area has postponed my outdoor chores. So I have enrolled in David’s Siri Shortcuts field guide to enjoy some indoor learning time. My better half has just informed me I have graduated to uber-nerd status.

A really dumb question! How do I delete a Shortcut item from the shortcut app? #shortcuts

From the library screen, touch the Edit button in the upper left portion of the screen. That will make all the workflows “wiggly”. Touch the one you want to delete then touch the trash can symbol that should appear in the upper right. I just learned this from MacSparky’s field guide!

Great thanks. Bob - I saw the trash can but it was grayed out. My error was to hold after making it wiggly and not just touching once (like the Springboard delete action). How silly of me to think they’d be consistent! #shortcuts

Yep - I was making the same mistake.

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Hmmm didn’t know of this, will search and purchase.
I have just clocked on this YouTube link:

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Hat’s off to @MacSparky. The Siri Shortcuts video field guide is just excellent. I never took the time to really understand Workflow, but watching David go through his examples just clicked with me. This is such a powerful automation tool!

Since watching the field guide, I’ve automated three time consuming processes this week:

  1. Setting up a new project in Things with relative dates of tasks (special thanks here to @RosemaryOrchard for the assist from her blog).
  2. Renaming and saving emailed receipts into their proper storage place in Dropbox - something I must do dozens of times per week.
  3. Automating a “Ship’s Log” entry into Day One capturing weather, date, time, destination, etc. and a vessel operation checklist in Things for starting up and shutting down. Great tools for our frequent trips aboard our trawler yacht.

The potential of Siri Shortcuts is huge. My need for a Mac is diminishing every day with tools like these.

Thank you MacSparky for this gift!


When you make things, you never know how they’ll get used. Can I just say that I played a small part automating a ship’s log makes my day?


I love it! I’d like to come to Sweden some day, what is the pastry your wife has? Keep having fun!

I have just binge watched the OF3 FG and the Shortcuts FG. Now ready to rock… :smile:

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