Love the new pocketcast release

PocketCast just became my top podcast player.


Fully agree it’s the best out of the top 5. Castro would be cool too but no Mac and iPad apps.

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I’ve used Overcast for years, though frequently test out other options. I find Pocket Casts less intuitive, but it has an Apple Watch experience that works!!!

I just uploaded a fitness audio file using the phone app and within seconds it was available on the watch. I like.

The Overcast Watch app, for me at least, does not even sync progress regularly enough to keep my devices in sync.

Thanks for the original post :smile:

I like PocketCasts for the apple watch and their CarPlay integration. Overcast has never worked well on either. Castro is another good option. I have the lifetime membership for PocketCasts so I stick with them.

Spoke too soon perhaps. I was running today and Pocket Casts just simply stopped playing things on my watch. So, for a quick fix, I started up Overcast again (which has the annoying not-syncing well problem).

I’ll give Castro another go.

Let us know how that works. I’ve been increasingly dissatisfied by Overcast lately and am looking for some fresh air.

I actually just made this move (from Overcast) on Wednesday. I started listening to new episodes from the Castro triage and continued listening to saved older episodes in Overcast, setting the feeds there to not subscribe to new episodes. There was some manual work to walk Castro through my feeds and set individual playback speeds and new episode automatic triage for 30-40 podcasts (the defaults are fine for most, similar to Overcast.) I almost bounced off the move because of that work, but I was done in 30 minutes for 250 feeds, so it wasn’t really too bad.

Result: I’m now experiencing less friction when deciding whether to listen to a new episode, and I’m using a play/pause UI on phone and watch that’s less flakey, so I’m getting through my podcasts faster while enjoying them more again. Unless something surprising happens, I’ll be letting the $20/year premium trial continue to payment.

Are there any podcast apps (other than the native Apple one) doing anything interesting with widgets? Even just a “now playing” widget?