Loving New Research - Writing Workflow

My overall digital workflow and app selection remain essentially unchanged. I have, however, tweaked my research/writing workflow. I’m finding this tremendously productive. Here is my approach, in brief:

  1. Access article
  2. Add to Endnote, copy reference
  3. Clip the article to DT as a markdown file, paste the reference into the document
  4. Because I’ve indexed my research Obsidian vault to DT, the article is automatically added to my Obsidian vault:

  1. Read articles
  2. Summarize and create “atomic notes” on my reading
  3. Outline the paper and write in Scrivener (long articles or book only).
  4. Compile and send to Pages via Word
  5. Finish paper in Pages:


Why bother with the Word step? Scrivener can compile to .rtf or .docx, either of which Pages can open.

That’s what I meant. I did not phrase that well. :slightly_smiling_face: