LumaFusion 3 released

Anyone check out LumaFusion 3? Editing off of an external drive on the usb-c ipads and stabilization looks good. It may replace Adobe Rush as my preferred video editor on the iPad Pro.

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Bought it yesterday and editing off an old usbc SSD. Amazingly fast, several 4k 60mbps go pro videos with transitions and overlays are no issue. Love it

Thanks, I didn’t know it was out. Hard to believe it’s a free upgrade from v2.X

Yeah, I started a project with some GoPro and iPhone 12 footage. I’ve got an SSD running through an older USB 3 hub and it worked perfectly in the 30 or so minutes I played with it. Will be giving at a go again over the next few days but it looks very promising.

I bought it yesterday. I’ve been looking at it forever. The price is far higher than what I pay for apps. But I knew it was worth it so I went ahead and bought it. Now I have to figure out how to use it. But I’l manage.

here is the reference guide in PDF… its a little hard to find as they seem to be trying to move to the online reference guide model that I dislike.

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That’s very kind of you, Mac! I’ve often admired your icon. Did you design it? I’m a Mouseketeer myself!

Can you send it by itself, out of Dropbox as I can’t open it, please? I use to have Dropbox but I haven’t used it in several years.

I found it elsewhere but dropbox keeps opening!

just right click on it and “save link as” . you do not need dropbox.