Luna Display 3.0

I’ve just received an email for an update for Luna, which claims to improve performance.

I won’t get to test this until the weekend, if you try the update (requires updates on Mac and iOS) post your results.

Hm. It’s tempting.

I’ve been using it for the past few days, and find that not only is it faster, but it fixes the problem I had been having where I could not always reconnect after an extended break.

Be sure to update the Mac app, too, not just the iOS one. It has a self-update feature, so it should prompt you if it hasn’t already.

My review has been updated at too.


The macOS Luna Display update also updates the firmware on the device itself, so the Luna must be plugged into the Mac when the update is installed.


Thanks-that’s good to know. I don’t believed the email stayed that. Hopefully, the installer got the Mac app is smart enough to detect this and prompt the users.