Luna Display announces Mac to Mac mode

Replacement for the old Target Display Mode on iMacs?

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I tried it out, but I really don’t see any advantage over VNC for a single-Mac setup (i.e. using an iMac as a screen for a headless Mac mini).

If you want to use a Mac as a second screen for another Mac, it might be useful.

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However Luna are offering a 25% discount to “celebrate” the Mac-to-Mac support!

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I mentioned that here New Luna Display feature :slight_smile:

I’ve been using an iMac 27" as a secondary display to my MacBook Pro and I’ve been really impressed with it.

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However my order from the 18th has been stuck in NJ since the 24th. I’m now wishing I stumped up the cash for the fast international shipping…

Revisiting this post. I’m interested in using my iMac as external monitor for MacBook Pro. Seems Luna is my best (only?) option.

Any new experiences here? Any real world use feedback?

I’m using it for that too and it’s working fine.

Thanks @aardy. In looking further on the Luna site it seems they don’t support Retina display on the iMac. Assuming so, this is a non-starter for me. I’ll continue to use my iPad as ext monitor.

I appreciate your response. — jay

I saw your Oct. '19 post that mentioned using VNC instead of Luna Display (which I’ve tried and got bad latency). How might I use VNC to use my 2013 iMac as a display for my M1 MacBook Air in clamshell mode? Thanks!