Lunar breaks past the MacBook Pro brightness limit of 500nits

:full_moon: Lunar developer here :wave:

As you may know, the new MacBook Pro display is capped at 500nits for non-HDR content.

Recently, Lunar gained the ability to break past that limit, up to the max 1600nits, so you can enjoy working on your laptop in the sun: Lunar v5.5.1 Changelog

Lunar is a macOS app for controlling every aspect of your monitors: brightness, volume, input switching, contrast, colors etc.

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Is it a good idea to drive the display that hard?


Probably not for long periods of time.

But for example now I’m working on a train with large windows and the sunlight coming straight into the screen. It’s nice to have the possibility to increase the brightness for a few hours until I get back to a room.

Also, 2 things should be considered:

  1. If most of the screen is not full bright white, (e.g. white text on dark background like I have in Sublime Text), then LEDs will have plenty of time to cool down
  2. macOS has hard temperature thresholds, and limits the brightness when the display gets too hot
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