Lutron Caséta is upping the maximum device limit

I just got an email from them, and in a couple weeks they will be updating the limit from 50 to 75. I’m not to the limit yet, but was figuring out which switches I didn’t really need, or which lamps I could use WeMo to keep it under the limit, but with this, I should be able to expand as much as needed (and as my wallet allows).

Update allows for 25 more devices

Caséta by Lutron gives you more control than ever before – including dimmers, switches, Pico smart remotes, Serena automated shades, and (new) fan controls. It’s no surprise, then, that Lutron customers are adding more and more devices to get the most out of their systems.

After extensive testing to ensure that Lutron’s performance standards are maintained, Caséta by Lutron is expanding the device limit from 50 to 75 devices. This upgrade will go into effect on July 8th. All you need to do is update your Lutron app after July 8th. If you have your app set to update automatically, you don’t need to do anything.

This upgrade will provide flexibility to build out your smart home the way you want, while ensuring the same reliability and high-quality performance you’ve come to expect from Caséta by Lutron.

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They could invest some cash in bringing their products to Europe :rofl:

With this increase in devices, I was wondering if anyone knows a way, perhaps with a 3rd party or other Lutron device, to connect Caseta with DMX based lighting? I have 44 Caseta devices installed in my system and don’t want to have to change all of them out to be able to use Lutron’s Lutron QSE-CI-DMX DMX bridge. If any of you fine folks have a recommendation, I’d really appreciate it.