LYT Workshop - Onetime vs Lifetime option

Anyone here is a Lifetime Member for the Linking YourThinking workshop offering. What are your opinions on it. Do you find it useful attending repeating workshops. I do understand that it evolves every offering. But in general what is your take for those who have attended multiple sessions.

I regret buying it. I found the delivery style mind-numbingly slow and I just couldn’t engage.

That said, other folk seem to like it, so I’m just one data point.


Second data point.

Milo (actually Milodragovich) hasn’t added anything novel to note taking. Maps of Content are just Tables of Content. What is called “emergence” is just developing ideas by working with your notes. Permanent notes are evergreen notes appropriated from Andy Matuschak. Some content was appropriated from The Little Prince, etc. Most of the interesting content in the course comes from other users, which can be found elsewhere.

Not worth the $800 I paid for it.

I suggest reading Taking Smart Notes a couple of times.
Watch some YouTube videos like the attached.
See what people are doing on the Obsidian (and other) forums.


Thanks @JohnAtl and @Clarke_Ching Appreciate your inputs very much.


This is very good input.
Thank you for saying it like it is.

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This is the very reason, I trust our friends in this forum. Lot more straight and honest feedback.

Another to potentially check out is Bryan Jenk’s four hour video where he goes over his workflow. I think he’s a skilled and generous presenter.

No knock against people whose best learning style is a course they’ve sunk money into. I went to college.


See also Thomas Frank and Ali Abdaal.

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I have watched some Ali Abdaal videos on YouTube and they are really good.

I was also considering to attend the workshop, and even do the lifetime, when it was first introduced to me, but thereafter I recognized the price tag he is asking, and while I understand that those people have to earn money for their living, I can’t see the value that is added there vs. the large amount of free stuff you can get from all over the Internet on that.

Also, I downloaded for example the LYT Kit, and tried to follow Nick on his YT Videos about that, but quickly figured out, that there are partly hugh differences between the Kit he offers for download, and the one he is showing in his videos.
If I therefore can’t even follow his explanations there, without the additional trouble of not seeing in my copy of his Kit, what he is referring about in his videos, it makes almost no sense for me, to spent my time with it.
In addition, while it looks always quick and easy to do all this linking in the videos with just some random notes, it is something totally different for me, if I do it with the actual stuff I have to handle in real life, and specially, if you are linking across different apps.
Small example, an Obsidian link, at least the ones my Obsidian is producing, contains the title of the note.
So, if I change the title of the note, after I placed the link towards that note for example within Ominfocus, the link is not working anymore, because it seems not to point onto the file, but rather is searching for the title.
Pretty much the same situation, as I see with the SecondBrain Course, that also should cost a ridiculous price, for the workshop.
That makes really no sense to me, so rather than spending a hugh amount of money for a workshop with a rather small expected value for me, I continue searching the Web for different approaches towards Notetaking, Second Brain and however they call their “Best Approach ever”, and pick the parts, that work for me.

It even might be a different situation, if the workshops/courses would cost maybe 120$ a year or something in that price range, I would maybe even consider to take it, just to support the creators, but Tiago Forte asked in one of his recent advertisement Mails, for “the price of a good cup of coffee” a day, every day!
And to be honest, I don’t want to skip one of my cups of coffee I get, to join some Zoom meetings every once in a while.
And if I skip this cup of coffee to do so, I could skip another one to take another pricey course somewhere, and so on.
In the end I will end up not drinking any coffee anymore, and therefore will be too tired, to attend all those courses, and this makes no sense at all… :thinking: :innocent:

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Another resource.