M1 Mac--is it that fast or not sleeping

I am thoroughly enjoying my new M1 MBP. It is so fast I’m almost concerned that it may not be going to sleep when I close the lid. When I start to raise the lid the screen is on and everything is ready to go before I can get the screen fully raised.

Those of you with M1s, is that your experience as well? I’m hoping this is speed and not a failure to sleep. :slight_smile:

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How’s the battery drain while the lid is closed? Mine looks like this, mostly flat, in Activity Monitor (the drop in the middle was active use.)

Anecdotally I’ve noticed that leaving a lot of browser tabs open can slow the speed at which it springs to life a little.

I think it’s speed and magic, and not failure to sleep. This based on the excellent battery life.

It really makes my iMac Pro look slow at wakening from its slumber. “What’s all that flashing about? Oh, you can’t use my watch to log in again? More flashing? Color croutons on the external monitors? Oh, now I can work. Wait. Okay now.”


My energy impact is nearly non existent, so I’m not sure what that means but over the last 12 hours the line is nearly flat. The MBP is just now “settling in” after lots of indexing Siri, DT, Drop Box, and Google Drive. Next week will be a true test.

I was just shocked how fast it opened from sleep.

That brought a smile to my face. :slight_smile:

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I was shocked when I first got mine how fast it is waking up, even with an external monitor. Having an always-on processor makes all the difference.


From what I find, it seems to be the work of those low powered cores that made possible for Apple to go away with Power Nap entirely.

Previously discussed in this post as well:

Só I guess you’re right on that M1 MacBooks never sleep completely.

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That is very helpful. I was not aware of the always on processor nor the advantage it brings to Apple Mail filters, which I use extensively. Very nice, thanks!

It’s basically very similar to the processors on our phones. The phones never sleep, they are always one, only displays turns off. For computers they can turn-off some of the cores, but some remain running.

Well I learned something new! :slight_smile:

You might want to see this.


I had forgotten about that, it made me laugh again. He is a really good presenter. It is hard not to like him. :slight_smile:


Try switching resolutions in the Display preference pane - that will blow your mind too

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Wow, talking about instant! :slight_smile:

That said, the mail filters always running is hit or miss. While I am finding some mail moved to folders, there’s plenty that isn’t.

That was so awesome during the keynote :joy:

Does this mean that my Backblaze backup which is set to continuously will always be working, since my new M1 is never truly asleep?

While I’m backing it up to Backblaze for first time right now, I couldn’t find anywhere in System Preferences to say “Never put to sleep” like I used to have on my old MacBook.

I don’t use Backblaze myself, so can’t say for sure. But I find that many processes still work when lid is closed, so it is possible for Backblaze to keep a daemon running all the time.

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I have a MBAir M1 and while it starts up rapidly I always see it starting up. Try shutting down and leave the top open and compare how fast it starts up.

Ahhh! You mean, it’s supposed to do that!?