M1 Mac Mini and Apple Thunderbolt display?

My wife’s old Mac Mini (conveniently?) died and I got her the new M1 Mac Mini. I’m trying to connect it to her 2012 Apple Thunderbolt 27" display by using a mini Display Port to USB-C adaptor. It’s not working. Could it be just the adaptor or does old Thunderbolt displays not work with the M1 hardware any longer?

You need the Apple Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter



Thanks a bunch - just saw that on Apple’s support site and ordered one.

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Did it work with Apple’s adapter?

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Yes, it did work fine!

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Excellent! Thank you!

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Sooo, to trouble you with one more teeny question… You’ve got your Thunderbolt 3-to-2 adapter connecting your display’s Tbolt cable to your mini’s USB-C port, with the display’s MagSafe cable connected to … nothing, yes? Does this effect the functionality of the ports on the Tbolt display? I’m guessing no, but just wanted to double-check before I leap? Thanks again, sir.

Yrs, ielzco

I use the ports on the Thunderbolt display when connected as described.
The only port I can’t verify is the Firewire, as I no longer have any fw devices.

(Simply used a twist tie to keep the mag safe port out of the way and you
can use System Information to see what’s available when you are connected)

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Did exactly the same - let the MagSafe cable dangle behind the setup since it is not needed. All the connectivity of the USB ports of the Thunderbolt displays comes via the Thunderbolt cable.

Excellent! Thanks to you both! Yrs, again, Daniel O.

So, I’m going to be doing the same thing here. I heard some people are experiencing some weird lines on the Thunderbolt Display when hooked up to a Mac Mini M1. Are you?

Wanted to verify with (finally just received) M2 Mac Mini.

No “weird lines” with an Intel Mac mini, M1 iPad Pro or M2 Pro
Mini using the Apple Thunderbolt 3 USB-C to Thunderbolt 2
adapter connected to the Apple Thunderbolt Display.

All ports on the display work as well, however as originally
mentioned, I no longer have any FireWire devices to test.