M1 Mac Mini headless loses connection to synology NAS

I recently purchased an M1 Mac Mini to act as a headless server running Hazel and Keyboard Maestro. One problem I have run into is maintaining mounted volumes to my Synology NAS. I a user setup to automatically logon and mount the volumes during logon, and that works fine. After a period of time, the volumes are no longer available and if I try to schedule a remount, they get mounted as a different volume.

Does anyone have suggestions as to what this could be?

MacOS 12.3
Using SMB for volume mounting

I have seen the same behavior, although not recently since I switched to using AutoMounter.

I am not certain as to the cause. Can you determine if perhaps it occurs when the Mini goes to sleep or screensaver, for example? Perhaps it is dropping its network connection at that point, causing it to lose the mount and have to remount, but because it does not recognize what has happened, it does not preserve the mount point.

Unfortunately, MacOS does not provide sufficient logs for troubleshooting this sort of thing, but I would suggest checking the Console app and see if the system log has any references to your share name, and if so, perhaps you can tell us what you are seeing.

Would be interesting if anyone else has any ideas.

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  • Make sure that your Mac does not go to sleep while having mounted connections.
  • Use SMB to connect to the NAS. Use SMB 2 as the minimum version on the Synology.

I will have to try AutoMounter. I don’t see anything in the log either.

I do have System Preferences → Energy Saver settings to never sleep and the Synology setup has been rock solid for all my other Macs even when they do sleep.

Wireless or wired LAN connection? I’ve always found hard wired to be more reliable.

Actually I have both with ethernet being the primary.