M1 Mac mini Troubleshooting. Another Fine Mess that I have gotten myself into

Another fine mess that I have gotten myself into…

I have posted about my problems under “M1 Mac mini Dog Slow and M1 Mac mini taken to it’s knees” and I appreciate your advice.

After trying most of them I got in touch with a Apple 2nd Level Support Engineer and asked him to escalate it to engineering.

After waiting two days I was really disappointed in their response.

“Could be 3rd Party Hardware or Software”

When I worked at DEC, Compaq and HP, escalating to Engineering meant something. The system writes logs as to what was going on when the system started having problems. They could tell you where to look and what to unplug.

Based on their detailed analysis I did a clean install on volume that I created on my internal Disk and then only installed the software that I had bought on the App Store. There goes 6 hours I will never get back.

I ended up with the same performance problems and so I asked Apple support to go back to engineering and not come back until they had some real information.

Sure enough, they said it was do to a bug and it “should” be fixed in 11.2.

Had they come out and said that earlier they would have saved me some time.

Now I have 2 volumes, both of which only kinda work.

I used migration Asst on the 1st one and it has more of the apps installed and configured.

The 2nd one is probably cleaner but will require a bit more work (a not insignificant amount) to bring it up the level of the first one.

Which one do you recommend that I should settle on to finish software installs and limp along until 11.2 comes out.

Or should I just wait until 11.2 comes out and then take it down to bare metal and start from scratch? 2 days later I might have a system that is working and clean,

Right now I am leaning towards going with the 1st System Build and see what happens with 11.2 and if it still has problems blow it all away and start over.

Thanks for your help and guidance…

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Do you see 2 Volumes on your desktop???

In Disk Utility you can see 2 Volumes, 1 named Mac HD and another named Mac HD-Data. You need to erase both when performing a clean install. Then reinstall the OS on a single volume. How did you go about the clean install?

FYI - not trying to be a jerk or question your knowledge about computers… just want to help if possible.