M1 Macbook Air "Shell" Case?

I have an M1 MBA, and I put one of those “shell” type cases on it. Just a thin layer of plastic to absorb the occasional knock around / scratches / etc.

My current “shell” is a year or so old, and the corners are literally falling off. Hasn’t been abused or anything, and hasn’t even really gotten knocked against anything. So I’m wondering if there are durability levels for these things, and maybe mine just isn’t so great? Or if I just need to figure on replacing one every year or so?


I have this one and it’s been on for almost 2 years now. I don’t notice anything “going bad” with it. So my leaving is toward maybe a defective or bad product?

Thanks for the recommendation.

Lots of nice color options, although I find myself looking at that list of patterns and wondering who wants to make their $1500 MacBook look like a $0.97 composition book. :smiley:

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I don’ have any recommendations here, except for not the one that my wife used. She is generally pretty careful with her things, and I’m guessing just from putting her laptop in and out of her bag it accumulated all kinds of dirt and sediment than ended up scratching the heck out of the surface of her Macbook.

I feel like this is an issue with the entire class of product, so I’d weigh how scared you are of drop damage against high risk of case-induced scratch damage.

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