M1 MacBook Air - worth the trade in or wait for M2?

Hey all,

After getting cold feet about stability before it came out and seeing how fantastic the reviews are, I’m now considering trading in my Intel MacBook Air for the M1 model. If I trade it into Apple I get about $650, which brings the 16 GB BTO model to $550 with trade in credit applied. Is this worth it or do you think it’s more likely the MBA will also get revised with a new chip this year? On the one hand I think the current performance is probably more than I need (the most intense thing I do is remote into hospital computers with Citrix) but I don’t want to jump the gun too early.

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I can’t speak to the likelihood of an upgraded M2 chip this year.

However, I just traded in my 2019 Intel MBPro (8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD) for the 2020 M1 Air (16 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD). No regrets!

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It is a truly remarkable machine, I bought one of the new Airs despite the fact that I have a 16" Pro. It is snappier and more responsive than the i9 Pro. The performance is phenomenal.

I would only wait if you’re willing to stick with your current model for at least a year.


If you can live with its limitations and you need a new computer then I would not hesitate to buy one now; it’s an amazing little computer. I think that the only risk is that if Apple releases one with a new industrial design, you may feel like this one looks a little dated, but that’s always the case (no pun intended). In terms of performance, based on what you’ve said, the M1 Air will exceed your needs for years.

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I’ll second what @ACautionaryTale had to say.

My standard buying recommendation hasn’t changed in years. If your current computer can’t do the job, replace it now. If it can, wait until it can’t.

When you do make a purchase, don’t try to “future proof” it. Size it based on what you think you will need for the next three years. Regardless of what you buy, something better, faster, and possibly less expensive will be available long before you need to upgrade again.


its not that simple. if your current computer does the job but it has the butterfly keyboard, trade it in now. you are on borrowed time.

My 2017 Macbook Pro did the job but I knew I was just a likely keyboard failure away from not being able to do it. I breathed a sigh of relief to dump it on Apple in an even $ trade for an M1 air.


I traded in my 2015 MBP (16G, 512G) with 70% battery life (read: impending battery replacement) and just got the $570 they promised.
I must say, this M1 MBP is a great machine.
It’s very low friction in all interactions.

  • Nice keyboard.
  • Open it, and it’s already waiting for you. When I wake my iMac Pro I wonder, what’s taking so long? What’s with all this flashing business?
  • The other day I thought, “hm, guess I should charge my laptop.” That’s quite a switch from my other one that has been pretty much tethered to a wall outlet its entire life.
  • It doesn’t roast your nether regions when sitting on your lap. (This could have a positive effect on people trying to conceive - seriously.) On the other hand, my cat misses the warm air.

It’s really changed the way I use my laptop.

While I can’t spend your money, I certainly think it’s valid to go ahead. When something new comes out, you can trade in again if you think you can’t live without some feature.


It’s funny you say this because I experienced this phenomenon just yesterday. Mid way through my writing session I thought “I wonder if I should plug it in for a little while, it’s been a couple days, after all!

This never would’ve been a negotiation point with my previous MacBooks. I would’ve been checking that battery level every hour on the hour, charging cable set up and at the ready.


I absolutely agree with this. I am thinking of trading my 2018 MacBook Pro 16GB, 512gb ssd for a MacBook Air M1 512gb. My intel MacBook Pro is doing great but there are two reasons why I want to trade-in. One is the battery, I only have 300 cycles but eventually it will deteriorate. But the main reason is the keyboard. The butterfly keys have been fine for me so far but what if they fail. Yes Apple has a replacement program but runs for only 3 years. I really do prefer the newer keyboards. My MacBook Pro gets me around £540 so that’s nearly 50% of the value of the new machine. So I think for the keyboard and battery its worth it. My only concern is whether the M1 Air will be a good replacement or should I go for the Pro.

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I replaced a 2017 MacBook Pro and the Air destroys it with performance and battery life.

I much prefer the profile of the machine to the Pro, as I type a lot and the front of the machine would dig into my wrists, this is gone now with the Air (I never had one before), and I am so glad to get my function keys back - I never liked the TouchBar.

In a nutshell - it’s worth it!

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