M1 Macs Will Not Run Windows 11

I thought the issue of running Parallels on the M1 Macs was solved.

This is a bummer and seems like a step backwards.


A Windows VM can be more convenient for some situations but accessing an actual Windows computer remotely, using Microsoft Remote Desktop software, is a superior solution IMO.

I tried Parallels and VMWare Fusion for a few years but eventually moved all my users to a PC & MRD. Eventually I think Windows 365 may be the best answer.


Their pricing is definitely aimed at corporations, not for individuals.


Agreed. I’m hopeful that once the Apple Silicon transition is complete or further along, Microsoft will eventually support it. It just makes business sense to support an ARM version of Windows 11 on M1 Macs if more people are pressuring them to.

This seems like a licensing issue at the moment as ARM Windows 10 is only for OEM devices.

I have Windows 11 running in Parallels, but this is not a final release.

I probably have renewed my Parallels subscription for 1 last time as I still have the 16" MBP which runs on Intel, but since I started working with Windows 365 I can only see that CloudPC are the way forward.

Windows 365 gives me near-native machine experience and Gigabit internet speed, whilst taking nearly no Mac resources at all and works on Intel, M1 and Windows 10 seamlessly.

It is a great experience on an iPad with a trackpad/mouse as well. No more issues with large VM files and doing backups, snapshots etc etc. and definitely a great simultaneous Mac and PC experience. Parallels was always a compromise of sorts.


Interesting - how well does Windows 365 handle multiple monitors?

Multiple screens is no problem. You need to connect using the Microsoft Remote Desktop application and configure it after the initial setup.

I run 3 4K screens and it uses all of them in native resolution and high colour bitrate. No lag at all. It feels like a native PC under my desk.

On my locked-down PC I use a web browser in full-screen mode to log in. I can also use it on my iPad so it gives me no limitations as VM in Parallels do (both in system resources and remote access). For me that is worth the price I have to pay. I think eventually CloudPC will go mainstream and get cheaper.

I agree. Windows running from the cloud gives Microsoft the same advantages Apple has with macOS. They control the entire hardware/software stack.

Let’s hope that day comes sooner rather than later…Just imagine the concept of a cloud PC just a few years ago! :thinking:

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How do you back up Windows 365? Is there anything analogous to an external hard drive or is all of the storage within Windows 365?

I sync my own files either via OneDrive, Dropbox or a swap folder using Synology Drive. So files are already in the cloud or on my NAS. Don’t worry too much about backup.

If push comes to shove the cloud PC destroys and rebuilds in minutes and the apps I use re-install quickly.

If you need a backup for some reason you can consider installing Backblaze on your cloud PC

OK, thanks for the info.

I foresee a tidy market in cheap PCs for Apple Silicon Mac owners who just need that one Windows app that cannot be replaced.

In related news, I’m wondering if Windows 8.1 will run on a Raspberry Pi. :grimacing:

Having recently installed Windows 11 on my PC recently, M1s not running it is a good thing. I am sure it will be fine with time, but they made some really questionable design decisions.

I purchased a new PC from Amazon earlier this year. Windows 10 Pro, 8gb ram, 250gb ssd, i3 processor (I think). $275. If you don’t a lot of power you can get a computer for about the same price as a hypervisor and copy of Windows.

If a gamer, I think the winning strategy is to do the reverse. Buy the high end windows notebook and then get a macbook air to tote with it…

I think Zork was the only game I ever played (text based around 1980), but if I were a gamer I could definitely get by with a windows notebook and my iPad Pro. :grinning:


Desktop all the way. Cheaper, faster, and they don’t sound like a jet engine while gaming. Unless I had to have mobility, I would never buy another gaming laptop. Not to mention a good one is going to be big and heavy as well.

That said, I am trying jam 3 computers into my office (iMac, work set up, and gaming PC) and really wishing I had something small that I could tuck away as needed. Since, most of my gaming lately is XBox and PS5, I am kind of thinking a Surface just for when I want to run the good version of Excel.