M1 MBA draining battery when sleeping?

I bought a 16GB/512 model a few months ago and it sits on my desk next to my work laptop during the day. It’s rarely off AC power. But a couple times recently I unplugged it and left the lid closed for a day or two. I opened the lid to find the battery dead or nearly dead each time.

Anyone else run into this? Googling around it sounds like it is a thing? I don’t have much additional software on here. No external monitor. A single USB-C hub with a Logitech mouse dongle plugged in. And it looks like toggling Power Nap is no longer an option on this hardware? I just went through and disabled most notifications. But I honestly can’t imagine that’s enough to cause the problem.

Anyone else run into this or have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

I would try it with everything unplugged as a first step.

For what it’s worth, I had something like this with a brand new Air (pre-M1). It arrived with a dead battery (which was weird to begin with) and would drain its battery overnight whether or not the computer was actually on. Apple decided it needed a new logic board and replaced it. The frustration that my new computer needed a replacement out of the box was mitigated by the fact that they bumped the SSD from 256GB to 512GB in the process :slight_smile:


Make sure the Battery tab of the Battery System Preference looks good to you, quit all your programs at night, and in the morning use the Energy tab of the Activity Monitor app to spot the battery hog. Otherwise present the hardware for inspection at the Genius Bar (if available) and throw yourself on their mercy. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Are you sure it’s set to Sleep when the lid is closed? I know this sounds like a daft question, but worth checking.

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Are you sure it’s set to Sleep when the lid is closed? I know this sounds like a daft question, but worth checking.

LOL not a daft question, that’s essentially what I’m wondering, but it feels a little like peeking into the refrigerator to see if the light really is off. :slight_smile:


I often use my Alfred app to invoke its system command “Sleep” (not to be confused with its “Sleep Displays” command) rather than closing the lid at night. As far as I can tell, my MBA does very little when I am not using it.

There’s a difference in how MacBooks with the M1 chip handle sleep (to sum up, they don’t seem to sleep, like… ever).

So there seems to be some process that has been running even when the lid is of. A trip to the Resource Monitor battery page could help in identifying the culprits.

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Do you by any chance have an always connected Time Machine disk drive or Time Capsule? At the very least you should drag this drive to the privacy tab of Spotlight’s system preferences dialog so it is not always being indexed. And consider turning off “backup while on battery power” on the Options button of Time Machine’s system preferences dialog.


I do not. But I’m def perplexed by all of this.

I have something similar on a 16” MBP which I think I’ve narrowed down to the dock I use. The USB-C dock draws power constantly so if I leave the laptop closed and plugged in it’ll drain the battery and be dead the next morning.


My USB-C hub (Anker 8-in-1) draws 15 watts all the time. If the hub isn’t plugged into a power supply the MBA M1 battery will inevitably be dead by morning.

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Okay, thanks! This is my suspect as well.

I’m leaning this way as well.

Update: It’s almost certainly the cheap USB-C hub.


I have a M1 MacBook Air. It has 512 GB and 8 GB RAM.

Since I’ve bought it a couple of months ago, I don’t think it has ever gone under 58% charged. It is absolutely amazing. And I only charge it for an hour or so, at the very most. That’s all I need to do it for and it’s raring to go!

Not sure this is normal, it seems that my 2021 M1 Mbpro battery continues to drain even I am not using it (but not turned off). I stopped using from 6pm last night and only have 25% left from 50%. There is nothing connected to the MBP


these are the power settings

Try checking the Energy tab of Activity Monitor to get some idea what’s using a lot of energy in the last 12 hours.

I have never had that happen.