M1 MBP to VGA - shifted output to projector

(VGA - I know, right?)

Anyway, some of the projectors I must use only have VGA inputs.
I bought this USB-C to VGA and my presentation was shifted over about 20%, cutting off the left side of my slides.
I tried a colleague’s adapter (different brand) and the same thing happened with his but worked fine with his Windows laptop.

So it’s something with my laptop, macOS, etc.

Any ideas?

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Sounds to me like an issue with the resolution and/or aspect ratio. Have you checked the display settings? Does changing the resolution (in MacOS) for the projector address the issue?

Unfortunately not. I think the choices were 1024x768 and 640x480, neither of which helped.

Aren’t you trying to fit ten pounds into a five pound bag?



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What was the resolution of your presentation?

It was keynote, so it didn’t really have a resolution.

However, the aspect ratio was 16:9, which I thought was the issue (should scale, but it was minutes before my department presentation and nothing was going right). I hurriedly converted to 4:3 but that didn’t help.

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