M1 Mini Clicking Noise

I’ve had my M1 mini for a week now and it has been running great. So much faster than my old Macbook Pro. I plugged a set of external speakers into the headset port this morning. They work fine but now there is a “clicking” sound (sounds like a spinning hard drive) coming from the mini. It’s still there if I unplug the speakers. I’m not sure if it started right after I plugged the speakers in or after I opened Music for the first time to test the speakers. I saw this article and wonder if it might be the same issue. Anyone else had this issue?

Thanks for the assistance.

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I’ve been experiencing the same thing. Interestingly, it seems to coincide with email notifications for me. I have two computers set up (one of them being the M1 Mac Mini), and I switch between the two of them with a KVM switch. Whenever I’m switched to my other computer, and I receive an email, I’ll hear a normal email alert on that computer, and that strange clicking noise from the Mac Mini.

It’s consistently 3 little clicks, which sound like (as you said) a mechanical hard drive click. The fact that it seems to coincide with notifications makes me wonder if it’s intentional, but that would be a very strange decision on Apple’s part. If I can reliably reproduce it, and figure out what’s up, I’ll update here.

I have the same issue. have been using m-audio speakers for the last year on my M1 Mini and had no problems. i recently got some KRK speakers (love the sound) after about 5 min of pluging them in i hear the constant click/tapping/ pulsing noise . when the audio cuts off they click about 3 more times than stop. anything that prompts sound causes the tapping to reoccurs about 3 times like the previous poster stated. notifications/music/error sound. iv tried 3 different headphone to RCA cables. im going to sty my audio interface to see if that helps.