M1 now or wait? (video editing machine)

I am getting ready to add some more intense video editing to my job at work and I am getting a new machine (rocking a 2017 MBP right now).

I am leaning toward Mac Mini, but I wonder if I should wait for a potential fall release of something new? I use Final Cut and Adobe Premiere and this new workflow will have me editing our TV program each weekend (lots of video footage, captions, etc).

Has anyone pushed their M1 Mini with Premiere? Thoughts?

I think the classic heuristic still works: if you can wait, you always should. If you can’t, you should upgrade now.

The trick is defining “can,” I suspect. I upgraded to a Mac mini just before the M1s came out because I was working a contract where my existing machines were just struggling with the tasks I was doing. In retrospect, though, I’d bet I could’ve made it work, and I’ve been regretting the decision ever since!

Maybe that’s another heuristic: how badly will you regret it if a machine you want comes out on Sept.–Nov.?


My thoughts, for what they’re worth, is that if you want a “small” iMac or a very portable notebook (Air) then update now. If you want a machine for “pro” type work and can wait, then wait.


I would just wait, however with 1 caveat, I am not expecting Apple to announce a Mac in Sep. probably Oct or Nov.

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Wait, says MacRumors: MacRumors Buyer's Guide: Know When to Buy iPhone, Mac, iPad


If you can wait, then wait. If it’s an urgent need, then go ahead.

I got my M1 mini because my MBP is my work machine. The MBP was out of commission for 3 weeks while getting repaired. Ended up keeping the M1 Mini, better and faster and less expensive than the MBP. I was annoyed there was no 10 gigabit ethernet support when I got it but I got over it. Of course, that option was released later. But oh well, my need was urgent at the time of purchase, the optional add-on was a ‘want’.

Caveat - My wife is due for an upgrade……so just going to convince her the M1 Mini is needed for her workflow, so I can make the upgrade hahahaha

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Yeah. That’s what I’m afraid of. I may need something sooner than that.

One more thing to consider the upcoming releases will be higher end compared to the current M1s. So if your purchase is price sensitive, you might go with any of the current ones.

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Hard to do in a work situation but last year my 2011 MBP died so I picked up an older Air on Craigslist. Used it until I could get the new iMac and keeping the Air as a travel machine.

If you need it now then go with the Mini. The M1 has an amazing amount of power. Pair it with a really good display. If you need something pore powerful down the road you can reuse the monitor and other peripherals.

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Can always go the route of buying one now, reaping the benefits, then trade it in when the new ones come out if you need it.

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that is a good point! I am sure someone else at work can use it if I need to switch as well.

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Take care, few months ago, M1 Macs were not accepted for trade in.

Obviously check what @mina said. I like to spend other people’s money, but not make them throw it away. :joy:

I would suspect that the next generation of the M series chips is probably going to be similar in performance per core, but there will be more of them. And it seems to me that if they’re pushing a more “pro” unit they’d have to get the RAM ceiling increased.

So if your workflow might run out of headroom at 16GB of RAM, and if it benefits from multi-core performance, I’d try to hold off as long as you practically can and see what’s coming down the pipeline.

If not, I’d get something now, max out the RAM, and call it good. Apple refurbs with 16GB of RAM are starting around $760, so if you’re thinking you might want to upgrade again at a point in the near future going with a refurb would take some of the financial pain out of that process.

Also keep in mind that Apple has a 14 day return policy, so you could get a unit and give the editing a shot in the real world. :slight_smile:

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