M2 Mac Memory Issues

I’ve read about the memory issues in the M2 MacBooks. Do the M2 iMac and the M2 Mac Mini have the same issues?

I think you need to be more specific.


From what I understand, the RAM in M2 MacBooks was deliberately made slower, possibly because of overheating issues. I want to know if that was done to the M2 Mac Mini and/or the M2 iMac.

Geekbench 6 results given in the MacTracker app show the M1 MacBook Air with a single core rating of 2574 and a multicore rating of 9650. The M2 mini had a single core rating of 2635 and multicore of 9754.

This makes the mini about 3% faster. There is no M2 iMac.

The MacBook Air would be more susceptible to throttling with heavy, long loads because it doesn’t have a fan. The performance rating would be lower if the processor is throttling.


Not sure what your source is for this but it sounds like misinformation. The memory bandwidth of the M2 chips is at least equal to or greater than the memory bandwidth on M1 chips (and much faster than any Intel chip ever was).

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I have a M2 Pro Mac Mini with 32GB RAM and a M1 MacBook Air with just 8GB RAM. The mini is very fast. In Xcode, compiling one app I built takes seconds. The MacBook Air is no slouch either and compiles within a minute but I wouldn’t think the M2 Mini is slow at all! Very satisfied with it.

Always appreciate data points like this! Thanks for the hands-on review.

(Can you by any chance report on the performance of Adobe Lightroom Classic on the Mac mini with 32 GB. Have considered upgrading to this configuration.)

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I’m sorry but I don’t have this software installed.