Mac and Lego Workflow?

Any MPUers out here into Lego?

Curious if anyone has a digital workflow for managing and organizing their collections!

There are huge AFOL communities out there.

seems to be one that is close to you.
I for myself use

While Brickset is very good in keeping the record on you sets, you could use Bricklink, to get order into you single bricks.

I am into Lego Star Wars specifically, but I don’t catalogue anything, just buy sets and then at some point make them and put them on display.

I’ve now run out of space for display though :grimacing: so I have several sets in a cupboard waiting for one of my daughters to move out :wink:


I’ve got plenty of space and the willingness to look after them for you :wink:

You want to take BOTH my daughters. WOW think how much Lego I can display in 2 bedrooms. :wink:


I played a lot with LEGO when I was a child, but I only bought a single set as an adult (which I built during the pandemic; a fantastic build).

I do regularly watch YouTube videos of new LEGO sets and many are quite tempting, but often so expensive…

I’d really like to build/own this one, but it’s way too expensive for me :cry:

The Millenium Falcon UCS is on my Wish List for when I win the Lottery.

I actually wrote a long piece about my LEGO collection here including how I manage and organize the collection. The short version:

  • Enter all your sets into the BrickEconomy website
  • It can give you some interesting analysis, tell you which ones have increased in value the most, which ones are good investments, and break down how many you have in each theme category, etc. You can get some interesting reports like this:
  • Export your collection from BrickEconomy as a CSV file
  • Import to Airtable and add any other fields you want. In our case, we added a field for where in the house we can find the set. Some are built and on display. Others are disassembled and stored in bins. Here’s an example screenshot of our Airtable:

[Edited to add] I should say that while this got the bulk of our collection into Airtable, for new sets added to our collection, we don’t export the whole CSV and import it again. I don’t think BrickEconomy has a way of just exporting some sets; it’s all or nothing, and I don’t want duplicates in Airtable. So I’ve added new sets to Airtable manually since then as we get them.

Hope that’s helpful!


Are you aware, that you could do all of this with Brickset, too!?
And, you could import your collection via CSV there.

Yeah, there are other sites that do all this, and we do use Brickset as part of our LEGO lives! We just ended up with BrickEconomy in this case because we liked how it did various analyses of our sets. Maybe Brickset and other sites would have worked just as well.

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