Mac and Microsoft Teams and AirPods, AirPods Max difficulty

My AirPods just don’t want to work with Teams. Zoom and BlueJeans seem fine. The Max make some sort of noise that others can hear (but not me), today both the Max and the regular AirPods were seemingly connected, but I didn’t have audio either way. I wound up using the built-in mic and speakers.
Any suggestions?

iMac Pro (2017) BigSur 11.3
AirPods Max

Edit: Just found that no Apple products are “certified.” How stupid.

That list if for USB devices?

I have been using my Max with Teams today.
It can be fiddly for it to recognise them but a disconnect and connect whilst the meeting is open usually sorts out it or switch to internals and then back again to the AirPods.

There is a group of audio/video/streaming professionals hosted by Alex Lindsay that meet everyday to discuss tech. One thing I have noticed is every one of them appear to use wired headphones and mics.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been using my AirPods Max with Teams meetings all morning with no issues. (The Teams app is running on my MacBook Pro. I haven’t tried using the wireless headphones when running Teams in a browser.)

I have to double check to make sure my headphones are connected to my laptop (they like to join my iPad or iPhone) and use the meeting details to select them. But once I do that, everything works as expected.

I’m running the latest versions of everything if that helps you debug your issue.

I’ve been using Beats Studio 3’s with Microsoft Teams without an issue. Are you using the AirPods as the default system output or just for Teams?

Since I did a completely fresh install of Big Sur I’ve had no issues with Teams and my Max, connects first time every time.

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Just to follow up, I reinstalled Teams (actually the Microsoft suite) this morning and the problem was corrected. :man_shrugging: