Mac app for room layout

Working on a home project and need a Mac app to lay out a room and be able to place furniture in it. Nothing 3D; a top-down view with basic shapes is all I need, as long as I can define their relative sizes. Any recommendations?

I’ve been looking for something similar.

According to CGP Grey on a recent episode of Cortex (2:02:50), this is the best one there is:

He says (paraphrasing) “The app store is littered with garbage home design apps. I tried all of them and this is the only good one.”

It is 3D, but also 2D. I haven’t tried it yet but I will be in the next few months!


I use OmniGraffle for stuff like this.


I use Pages, it’s not perfect, but it’s free, and easy to drag things around if I’m on my iPhone or iPad (which I mostly am!)

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I used the prior version of this app and it worked well for the task.

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Ditto. OmniGraffle is great and there are stencils for it that may be of help.

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Paper. Pencil. Ruler. Scissors.

Draw room to scale.

Cut out shapes to scale.

Move the objects around.

Use phone to take photo of the various scenarios.

Sometimes old school is best.

If you want to go electronic. Sketch up (free to use on the web) would do the job (just ignore the z axis). That said, the learning curve for any app means you would have had the job done already using the paper and scissors technique.


I use Graphic because I have it and it is great. Does dimensions too.

I’ve used Word/Pages/Powerpoint in the past too. Anything that you can type the size in for an object will work well, and most support layering (bring to top etc).

Pro tip, put in your room, then lock that object so you don’t keep selecting it by accident.

I use PowerPoint or Affinity Designer for this. I like to have a good template with shapes and objects which you can drag around to fit. I also import plan graphics I find online under Google image search.

Important to use a reliable scale e.g. 5cm on paper = 1m actual etc

Examples of some I have created… basic stuff but useful when trying to figure out what will fit in the room, or garden in one case!

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I also use OmniGraffle for this kind of work. It is really easy to use and has an excellent movements and snapping implementation that makes rearranging objects easy. The templates are also excellent.

This is what I settled on. Thanks!