Mac app similar to Scanbot, Scannable, etc.?

There are a ton of iOS apps that do the following with images of documents:

  • Edge recognition
  • Deskewing
  • Dewarping
  • Optimization for better OCR (contrast enhancement, color reduction, etc.)

While I have some great OCR apps for the Mac (Adobe and FineReader) I don’t have an app which does these things as well as Scannable or ScanBot. While it is nice to have it on the phone when taking pictures of a new document, sometimes someone sends me images and I’d like to just do this on my desktop computer; however, I haven’t been able to find an app that does all of these things as simply or as easily as on the phone.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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If you’re sent an image you don’t really want a scanning app per se. You want an image editor which detects edges. Check out Pixelmator and Acorn.

If someone sends you an image you can open it in iOS instead of the Mac, edit it, then send it to the Mac. But you can also do the reverse with Apple’s Continuity Camera feature, which lets you share a document on the Mac temporarily into iOS to be worked on then shuttled back to the Mac.

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Actually, I do want a scanning app, since these apps automatically do all of these things without me having to do it manually. It is easier right now to send my photos to my phone and do it there than do it manually in Pixelmator or Acorn.

I switched to VueScan app. A little costly at $80 but IO need something to support my old Fujitsu Snapscan that I just refurbished with new rollars. Fujitsu’s new hardware and software is a step backwards IMHO and the Vue Software performed very well.

They let you try it for free by imbedding a watermark on scan files but lets you see the complete functionality.

VueScan is good. I gave up on the Fujitsu software which was a constant frustration. If only their software was as good as their hardware scanners. At the moment very happy with ExactScan Pro, which works flawlessly with the ScanSnap iX500. Much more lightweight app than ScanSnap Home and all the bells and whistles on board incl. OCR.

Many other solutions for OCR available. I use Devonthink 3, but also PDFPen Pro with Hazel, and sometimes Prizmo.

LOL. I remember using VueScan 20 years ago. Glad to hear that they are still around. ExactScan Pro looks interesting too. I’ll take a look…