Mac App Store "No purchases" + "You have 5 apps to adopt"

I have a shiny (actually more a matte Midnight) new MacBook Air M2 to replace my 2012 MacBook Air. I migrated over from the 2012 MBA to my 2022 MBA M2. The Mac App store was telling me ““You have 5 Apps To Adopt,” referring to iWork + iMovie & GarageBand. It said further, "To receive future updates, these bundled applications will be assigned to your Apple ID. A unique hardware identifier from your computer must be sent to Apple to verify eligibility.” "When I clicked on Adopt, there was an error message stating Apple couldn’t assign these apps to my account.

I finally realized this evening that this likely is the point at which the App Store was saying “No purchases” when I clicked on my profile (lower left corner in the app store). I was on the phone with Apple tech support this morning for well over an hour, and all they could suggest was that I wipe my SSD and do a manual migration.

After seeing some threads online about the “You have 5 Apps To Adopt” problem, I deleted these 5 apps from my SSD and had the app store download them again. I was hoping that this would also solve the App Store problem of not showing me my purchased apps. By the time I got back from my jog, I saw this problem was resolved!!

Just putting this out there in case it helps anyone as I hadn’t seen anyone online tie together these 2 problems.

Now, onward to see if my daughter’s MBA really is having a memory leak…