Mac App Store not updating?

Lately I often see App updates in the Mac App Store, but they don’t get installed (immediately) on my Mac (usually only after a couple of days).

For example, today I noticed that the Mac App Store lists Airmail 3.6.60 (from “2 days ago”) as the newest version, while I still have 3.6.58 installed on my Mac. However, the text on the button in the App Store is “Open”, not “Update”…

Additionally mas outdated does not list Airmail either (mas is a third party open source Mac App Store command line interface).

Anyone else noticing this?

How to fix it?

Happens to me all the time. When I notice it (usually when seeing there’s an update listed on MacUpdate) and I’m itchy to get the update because it’s a big one, I’ll delete the app and then download the latest version.

I’d found this checklist of things to try; it includes a Terminal command,but I’ve been too busy/lazy to try that one.

I had this issue recently after the Affinity apps went to 1.7. My issue got solved by going into the Mac AppStore-app, opening the page with Updates, then from the Store menu, I chose menu item Reload page.

This was on Mojave. Hope your issue can be as easily fixed too.

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No, that unfortunately does not work for me.

I’d rather not do that (in this case), as there’s a lot of configuration in Airmail (several accounts to set up).

Usually going to the app’s actual product page will show an update button, and you can manually trigger it that way.

Not in this case. MAS says you’re on the latest version when you’re not.