Mac App to hide Apple Menu bar items?

I had to reinstall my Mac recently. And now I find myself loking for a way to customize the Mac Menu bar with the built-in Apple icons like the Battery status icon.

Anyone know how to hide this? It doesn’t seem possible through System settings anymore



Dozer and Vanilla are free.

See Control Center in System Settings.

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As @karlnyhus suggests, basic hiding of some system icons can be done through the Control Center preferences.

Another vote for Bartender from me though. It’s a great app, and much more capable than some of the free alternatives. For example, I’ve got it set to show the battery icon when the charge is less than 10%, show the WiFi icon when not connected to a network, show the Time Machine and Arq icons when they’re backing up, and show WireGuard when connected to a VPN.


Yes, I do use Bartender and have for many years. Thank you this worked!

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