Mac apps for Word Clouds (aka "Wordles"?)

I’d like to occasionally be able to make “word clouds” as you find at but I’d rather buy an app once rather than pay-per-use.

I tried a google search and found a few iOS apps, but nothing much for the Mac. There are a bunch of websites, but I have no idea which are good or not. If there’s no Mac app, a good (ideally free) website would be preferable.

This is not a helpful reply, but I have to share this scene from Veep (which I actually personally uploaded to YouTube, low quality and all, for these opportunities):


What output format are you looking for? I have a python script that outputs html with scalable fonts.

Well this is really serendipitous.
I decided I needed a word cloud this morning and ran across:


I didn’t really have any particular format in mind… I’d love to see how it looks. Thanks!

The only thing I know I don’t want is words doing in different directions (some rotated 90º) which I’ve seen some of the sites do.

Looking it over, it’s a bit of a mess. How’s your python?

I wonder if the developer of ShapeGo and WordSalad plans to create a Mac Catalyst app? I tried the demo a while ago and had planned on purchasing it but today I’m often in a pattern of “wait and see” because I think creative apps need to leverage catalyst to make Mac/iOS roundtripping easy

Have you looked at Tagxedo? I have used it a few times to generate charts and have not had to pay. It’s customizable and does the job adequately enough for single use cases.

This is probably not helpful, but I typically create word clouds using Mathematica’s WordCloud function, in combination with the DeleteStopwords function.