Mac Audio: App Quit; Mic Still On

I have this recurring situation where I quit an app that is controlling my microphone (FaceTime, Discord, Zoom, etc.) and I notice that the amber light is still one in the menu bar indicating that the OS thinks that the app is still using my mic. This makes me nervous. Is it a security problem? Is it a false indicator? Is it a bug? Does anyone have any information about this that could enlighten me or if it’s a known problem so I can fix it? I’ve included a screenshot of my menu bar and control center.

CleanShot 2022-02-16 at 15.45.41@2x

I’ve seen this happen. Could well be a bug as not all apps will report back to OS. I have seen reports of Zoom being questioned doing exactly this.

I use a 3rd party app called Oversight by Objective-See to monitor camera and microphone activation.

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I’ll look into that app. Thank you for the recommendation.