Mac Average Users? Time to say thank you

In July 2020, I wrote down my thoughts about the show at the time and gave it the somewhat snarky title ‘Mac Average Users’. It reflected my dissatisfaction with the show’s development. I had the feeling that it was shallow at times and became less of the show I once learned to love (

Now, in December 2021, I want to say: Thank you, @MacSparky and @ismh for proving me wrong. The show is stellar at this point, the guests are interesting and not just picked from the wider podcasting bubble, and you generally strike a great balance between providing an introduction to a topic and also delivering real power user content.

I just wanted to get this out, as there often is a bias towards criticism. You open a thread for complaining, rarely for saying how much you enjoy something. So: Thank you.


Based on my experiences on Nextdoor (e.g., constant complaints, confusion, and terrible advice about improving Internet speed), Facebook (you know), and other “Average User” sites, I’d say that people who can successfully sign up for a discussion site like this one, and write a post with complete sentences and a coherent point are Well Above Average Users.


(By which I mean to say, I agree that the hosts of MPU are doing a great job, but also that we should not underestimate how low the bar is to being a “power” user. I think the hosts do a fantastic job of starting “easy” on topics, and then leveling the material up throughout the episode. That’s hard to do, much harder than most people realize.)


Man, I"m trying to get there! :grinning: