Mac Book Pro 16" M1 vs M2 - Opinions Please


Hello MPU,

In mid-Jan my 2013 15 MBP started to crash after a minor OS update. Apple said it was a motherboard issue. During this time rumors had it that the MBP 16 M2 was due in March and then in June. My attempts to borrow a mac temporarily did not work out and I needed to back to work.

Costco had the 16" M1 (16 ram 512 SSD) on sale for $2099. So that is what I purchased. Of course, a week later Apple announced the M2 release date.

Costco allows returns on this computer for up to 90 days. My question is, do you think the M2 is worth the extra funds ($400) and time?

I use this computer for graphic design, web design, and basic photoshop work. Occasional video or Adobe Dimensions work, but not much.

Thank you very much!!!


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I purchased my Macbook at Costco & love the 90-day return policy even though I did not return it. If you have the $400 it is worth it based on your detailed email. I purchased the 16" M1 1TB because I use it for basic business functions & love the size of the screen & it is my main computer. All the best!

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The only thing worth checking is the speed of the 512GB SSD on the M2 which may be slower than on the M1 due to using a single 512GB SSD rather than a matched pair of 256GB SSD. That may not matter to you though

The M2 is supposed to be 20-25% faster on CPU and GPU intensive tasks, but unless you’re regularly waiting for your laptop to finish processing (e.g. compiling, or processing audio or video), in the real world, that shouldn’t matter.

Otherwise, I’d probably put the extra $400 dollars away towards your next Mac when you need it.


Keep the M1 MBP.

I am sure you were pleased with the performance upgrade from your 2013 MBP to the 2022 MBP. Not sure is you would really notice a big difference between M1 and M2 based on your usage. Perhaps using that $400 for some accessories (external HD, monitor, dongles, etc) might be better since you appear to use your equipment for a long time.


Save the cash and stick with the M1 unless

  1. You spend a lot of time waiting for the CPU/GPU to finish tasks
  2. You want the higher refresh rate on the HDMI port.

Another vote for saving the cash. I’ve watched the videos on the M2 on YouTube, and it’s a negligible enough difference that I don’t think you’ll notice at all in day to day usage.


This. If @hutch could get by with a 2013 15 MBP (those were beasts, my work 2015 mbp was replaced 5 months ago!) I do not think he will perceive any significant boost from a M2 vs a M1, and 400$ is a significant budget increase.

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Thank you MacGuyMI! Yes, I could use the extra funds toward a new monitor since my 2001 22" cinema display does not work with the new MBP. I was surprised it has worked this long.

Thanks again!

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Thank you very much ALL!!! @Yaakov @motopascyyy @pantulis @kennonb @geoffaire @Yaakov