Mac search not working

I have iCloud Calendar enabled on my Mac, using the built-in Syncing events works fine, but search (on the Mac app) is totally broken - sometimes it will only return partial results, and other times it just won’t return any results at all. It seems especially bad when searching past events >2 months ago. Has anyone else run into this / have some suggestions?

I am using an other calendar app, but if I remember correct, there were somewhere a setting which controls the deletion of old entries.
It sounds like this could be the problem, if you have trouble with events older than 2 Months.

Hmm interesting suggestion, I checked though and all of the events are still there, and I don’t have any auto-delete for older events.

Searching also works fine in BusyCal (synced with the same iCloud calendar account), so I feel likely that the issue is with specifically.

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