Mac Colocation - interesting use cases

Anyone having a Mac Pro or Mac Mini collocated at MacStadium or MacInCloud?

I am interested in cool use cases of using a remote Mac in “the cloud”

At the moment my key use cases are:

  • Remote Mac Desktop that I can use on my iPad Pro (access to the full Mac experience without bringing a MBP)

  • Remote Windows Desktop through Parallels VM on server

  • Additional remote MacOS Mojave through Parallels VM on server

  • Remote MacOS Desktop through a web browser (for full screen use on a restricted work PC)

  • OCR of scans and downloads (In Hazel watch folder)

  • Hazel file management with auto filing, cloud backup and import in Devonthink 3

  • Plex server on fast internet for use while on the road.

  • HD HomeRun recording and internet video conversion (to Plex)

  • “Local” copy of full-size iCloud photos (only small size library on MacBook Pro)

  • Full “local” copy of all iCloud Drive, Onedrive and Dropbox folders (whilst only (selective) smart sync on MacBook Pro)

  • Repository of all application and hardware setting and configuration file backups

  • Website backups

  • Server backup to Backblaze

  • FTP server

  • Database backups for Calibre, Roon, Lightroom, Apple Music, Photos, Bookmarks,

  • Copies of iPhone and iPad backups

Looking forward to any other cool suggestions, automations and life savers …