Mac Desktop widgets?

I just stumbled upon the Affirmations iOS app and it’s something I’ve been looking for for ages. I just setup a widget on my iPad and I love it.

It got me thinking about Mac widgets. I’m still on Catalina but will upgrade to Monterey in a couple of months. Are Mac widgets only available in the Notifications tab (I think starting with Big Sur)?

It would be great to have homescreen widgets on the Mac.

Or, is there a way to always show your Notifications tab when the desktop is shown?

Something that might work for you is using macOS’ ability to change wallpaper periodically. Download or create a series of wallpaper images with inspiring text added, then set up macOS to rotate wallpapers within your ‘inspiring wallpaper’ folder.

Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 6.30.26 AM

Thanks. Probably too much work for my lazy butt but an option to consider.

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Not exactly what you’re asking for but you can build/download widgets for Übersicht, which puts custom widgets on your desktop. Doesn’t integrate with existing widgets from apps though.