Mac keyboard Home and End Key

Has anyone found a script to make the Mac extended keyboard keys home and end function like they do on the PC? I’ve tried several keyboard config software but nothing makes a global change.

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Not sure what the differences in pc and Mac home/end key function is, but you might be able to use Karabiner Elements to remap the keys.

Cmd-Left arrow takes you to the start of the line (Home) and Cmd-Right arrow to the End.

Also works in combination with Shift if you want to select text from the cursor position.

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I’ve tried Karabiner Elements but it does not make the change on a global scale. I want the Home and End buttons to function like so:

Home = Cmd-Left arrow
End = Cmd-Right arrow

I want this to happen on a global scale not simply per application.

You should try driving a 3270 terminal emulator on a Mac. A right pain.

And the relevance is that Home and End are prominent in what 3270 needs.

BetterTouchTool can globally assign a key sequence to another key sequence. A “key sequence” can be a single key. So you should be able to assign Home to ⌘← and End to ⌘→.

There’s a 45 day trial of BTT so nothing lost by trying.

That’s odd. I have caps lock mapped to F18 (to summon LaunchBar) and it works globally.

This Worked! Thank you so much for this. I actually started to wonder if there was a way I could write an Applescript that could do this.

Again, thank you!

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That’s pretty cool. I’ve only used BTT with my Magic TrackPad. Now I need to think about other uses for it.