Mac Mail - flag email during composition

I would like to flag an email as I’m composing it rather than go to the “sent folder” after. Typical flags would be “yellow - waiting on” or “green - follow up”, etc.

The “flag icon” is not available in the “customize toolbar” for the “new message” window. The Flag icon in the main mail toolbar won’t set a flag for a “new message” window.

I would be happy with a KM or BTT shortcut if someone knows how to do that.

Thanks in advance!


I have Mail setup to automatically BCC myself on emails I send, so I get a copy in my inbox. That way I can flag, archive or delete as applicable.


Doesn’t seem to be possible. I tried using Message–>Flag on a new message, but the flag doesn’t take even though it can be selected. If I save a message as a draft, I can flag it, but the flag is removed when sent (it’s not tagged in the Sent folder).