Mac Mail - snoozing? Sanebox Reminders or share to Apple Reminders?

I like Apple Mail, but am deciding on the best way to implement snoozing across both MacOS AND iOS (which rules out Mailbutler). I recently started using Sanebox and am sold on that for SaneLater, and for MOST quick snoozes (tonight, tomorrow, next week) the folders work great. But if I want to defer something longer or more specific (i.e., until June 12), I cannot decide between: (1) using Sanebox reminders (i.e., forward the email to “” and then it is supposed to show back up in my inbox on that date - albeit with now three items in the conversation thread not just the one deferred email I care about), or (2) sharing the email to Apple Reminders via the share-subject-line function which creates a link back to the original email.

Pros and cons? Is there an Apple Mail-centric option I am overlooking?

Option 2 (send email subject to Reminders) is cheaper and ultimately more efficient. I tried various solutions to snoozing email and unfortunately, they did not work for me. I would end up deferring too many emails and then they would get lost in the sea of incoming messages over time. Although I tried (and liked) SaneBox for a few years, I finally realized that I needed to go back to one of the core GTD principles of reducing the number of inboxes you have (not just in email). SaneBox gave me more inboxes to deal with and it created a lot of friction especially when expecting a message (like an email verification) to arrive, only to have it automatically moved to some other folder before I could get to it.

Now, I simply process emails as they come in and if something needs a reminder, I either use Reminders or I send a Hook shortcut to OmniFocus.

Probably the least friction is to set up a “@later” mailbox. Send your email that you want to defer there. You can put a reminder to review however frequently you desire. This is how I defer. My goal is that by the end of the work week to have worked through the mailbox. I put anything in there that I cannot read or respond within a few minutes max.