Mac Maintenance Software


I want to do a bit of digital clean up to try and reclaim some space on an almost full 1TB drive. What software do you recommend for maintenance, clearing large cache files for example, or for seeing exactly what files are taking up a lot of space on the drive?


David and Katie had some very good discussion of Mac maintenance utilities on Episode 431.


CleanMyMac is for freeing up space and DaisyDisk for seeing what’s taking up space. OmniDiskSweeper is a free alternative to DaisyDisk that is also worth checking out.


I use Grand Perspective most of the time. It’s free and effective. Daisy Disk is good too.

Standard advice: be sure you have at least one solid backup before you start the clean up. Especially when using automated clean up tools. I’ve had them do some serious damage.

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Brilliant! I’ll give that a listen. Thanks.

@timstringer @ronguest Giving CleanMyMac and DaisyDisk a try now. DaisyDisk is pretty!


Apple > About This Mac > Storage > Manage will also show you large files and let you delete.

Gemini 2 has been fantastic to use! Certainly one of my favorite tools for clearing disk space of duplicate files and the like.