Mac mini 6,1 late 2012

I’ve had this since new stuck in a cupboard doing it’s server thing. I really need to put it into everyday use for the kids and wondered on your recommendations for a low cost screen to hook it up to. Currently it is connected to an old 1920x1080 TV and even to my poor eyesight it looks rough.
Thank you.

Without having a particular model in mind, I would recommend one of the cheaper options Dell has available. They look nice and they work just fine.

Depending on the use case, a 24 inch display might be sufficient.

For my 2012 Mac Mini I used a 24" Dell for a couple of years, then (after a cleaning incident in which my S.O. put too much pressure put on the LCD screen and destroyed part of it) it was replaced by a 25" Dell. I liked them both, especially the non-glare coating.

Clean gently.

Second (or third) the above comments.

Dell has some very nice monitors for under $200. Given the purpose you don’t, I think, need to spend the money for a 4K monitor, for example.

Take a look at the local Best Buy or Staples. Both seems to always have sales going on, and you can get a monitor that will accept HDMI input for a relatively low price (I am assuming the 2012 mini had HDMI output as did my 2014 model).

Thank you all. Do you have a particular model Dell in mind? Yes my 2012 Mac mini does have HDMI out.

What I would do is to go to Best Buy, look at the 24” monitors (or 25”) that they have in a 1920x1080 resolution, and see what looks best to you and more importantly what is on sale and has an HDMI input.

Unless you are doing mission critical work like photography/video or high end gaming, these inexpensive monitors will all work well.

If you are doing those things, however, then specs will matter and you will need to spend more for a higher quality monitor.

I believe Dell also has a 25” monitor at 2560x1440 which I have looked at and is very nice, and when it is on sale is a great buy if you feel the higher resolution would be worthwhile.

Again, look at the monitor in the store and see what appeals to you. For the purpose you are planning, I don’t think a high-end and expensive monitor is the right price/value.

I just picked up an LG 24" 1080p display for my parents at my local Best Buy for $129+tax to use with a 2010 Mac Mini that I upgraded. Came with an HDMI cable and the picture looks great (compared to the 24" iMac 2008 model they had been using). Need to dig up a Logitech camera so they can FaceTime with the grandkids next.

For just everyday use like homework… not everyone needs a 4k display!


This, and add to that the fact that if this is the model I’m thinking it is, it doesn’t even support 4K without a bunch of hack-y stuff.

So a good regular-resolution monitor is the way to fly. :slight_smile:

That’s why I respect these forums: good responses, mindful of my application.
Thank you.