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I have a 2012 Mac mini server. Apparently there is an issue with Bluetooth getting interference and requires taking it apart via OWC video. Is there an easier way, such as with a Bluetooth dongle? If so, does anyone have a recommendation on a Bluetooth dongle?

My new Mac Mini was killing me with Bluetooth drops. After lots of futzing and research, what fixed it was to change the WiFi connection over to my router’s 5Ghz option. Boom! Problem solved. Trackpad and keyboard generally stay connected now. I was really surprised that this fixed things, as I’ve never had issues like this with any previous device. I guess the hardware Apple is using is more sensitive.

I found this from Page 10 of this thread on Apple Support community


Unfortunately, I have an Eero and can’t switch to 2.4 GHz. So I’ll have to try something else

You need to use 5GHz. From what I just read on Eero’s web site they have both frequencies available…

I was reading the Wikipedia article on BlueTooth and it struck me the frequency band for it is awfully close to 2.4. So this would make (unfortunate) sense.


I frequently have trouble connecting my Apple BT keyboard and trackpad (Gen 1) to my Mac Mini when it restarts…

Often have to resort plugging in my Microsoft BT keyboard’s USB-dongle in to the Mini, just to be able to login… And as soon as I have, all is working perfectly again, instantly… Super annoying.
I didn’t realise this was a thing – but will have a closer look now.

Unfortunately, Mini is connected via ethernet, so Wifi is deactivated in any event…

Both frequencies are available, but we’re not able to deactivate them, sadly…

eero uses a single SSID that allows devices to live on both the 2.4 and 5 GHz radio frequency. This ensures your devices are able to move along eero’s mesh efficiently, delivering the highest results to the devices throughout your entire home.

I didn’t have to deactivate anything on my router. I simply went into my Mac Mini and changed it so that it is connecting to the 5GHz freq. instead of the 2.4Ghz. Once I did that the BT issues went away.

Gotcha. I was thinking I needed to turn off the 5GHz on the router. I will give that a go.

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