Mac mini (Late 2018) Intel UHD Graphics 630 questions

These Late 2018 Mac minis regardless of other tech specifications are all equipped with the same Intel UHD Graphics 630.

What do folks think/know about its performance and metrics?

  • For basic home use? (Mail, Safari, OF3, Netflix)
  • For byte and pixel crunching Pro users? (audio/video production and gaming)

I look forward to hearing from some of you

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Thanks Wolfie. I appreciate you taking the time to unpack and interpret the high level tech details.

I have a follow up question! I’ve been reading that this UHD 630 (maybe this applies to other integrated cards too) will draw from built in RAM. Does that suggest that upgrading the new Mac mini’s 8GB to 16GB or even 32GB (expensive for me right now) would improve the mini’s graphics performance?

As far as games go, the Myst series - - are what most interest me. Requirements are here

I found this article which goes deeper

I am leaning towards starting at 16GB, testing that out and - maybe 1-2 years from now - take on a self upgrade to 32GB.

Looking forward to reading your, and others’, comments.

Thanks again Wolfie for your comments which further clarify how the components affect each other’s performance. I’ve decided on 16GB and mostly for future proofing. Now am percolating on SSD size - 512K or 1T.