Mac Mini Memory

Purchasing a new Mac Mini with 6 cores and 512 SSD. Want to replace RAM myself. Is there a toolkit and RAM you recommend other than Apple RAM?

I recommend Crucial memory. Used it for many years at my company.

And I purchased my tools from Ifixit.


Thank you WayneG! That is what I thought and it’s awesome to have someone help to verify one’s thinking. MPU community FTW (again).

Probably can’t go wrong with iFixit, but if you wanted another option, I would also recommend OWC/MacSales.

They sell DIY kits and also have a service that you can send them your Mac mini and have them upgrade it for you. I’ve used their service for upgrading my ~2012 Mac mini because when it comes to hardware upgrades I am all left-handed thumbs. They did a quick job of it, and whatever I paid felt completely worth it… and obviously tons cheaper than Apple.


I purchased this OWC memory kit for mine (you can purchase it from OWC directly or Amazon.)

iFixit tools are definitely the way to go for any DIY upgrades, repairs, etc. I use this one would highly recommend it.