Mac Mini Pro excitement

Dan Moren posted an article commenting on how much space is inside the new M1 Mini and how he’d like it to shrink.
That got me thinking again about my hopes for a Mac Mini Pro.

My feature requests:

  • same form factor
  • Space Grey (is that a feature?)
  • 6 or more performance cores, 4 efficiency cores
  • Even more graphics cores
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 4 T3 ports

I feel this machine would be incredibly powerful for video work etc, but also sip tiny amounts of energy when I’m just surfing in Safari. I’m excited for the future!


This video briefly touched on the possibility of a Mac Mini Pro.

I would be very interested by such a machine, BUT I want the modularity of the big Mac Pro. I have lots of storage needs that I would want internal as much as possible, and I’d like RAM upgradeability.

Big Mac Pros should be coming eventually. I can’t wait.


How can you upgrade the RAM in an ARM chip?

I have no idea, it’s Apple job to figure it out. :grin: but seriously, they have insisted heavily on the fact that they understood how important that is for pros (see 2018 Mac Minis and Mac Pros). I would think that’s the plan.

Additionally, when you look at the chip’s design, that RAM wouldn’t seem that hard to remove if Apple were to allow it. It looks like that’s the bus which is the game changer in the chip design, not the RAM itself.

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Yes, that’s a feature - albeit not performance-related. :smiley:


I realize this wouldn’t solve your storage needs in the same way, but at least the 2012 Mini supported two 2.5" internal hard drives. Depending on how they did things, there would be at least some upgradeability potentially available for add-on storage - although I don’t think they’re going to go that route.


Thanks for the pointer, that would be incredible if they did that!

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