Mac Mini Satechi Base Hub

Has anyone used the Satechi hub for the Mac Mini M1? I’m looking at getting both and was hoping for some input.

Are you talking about this?

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Yes, that’s the one I’m talking about.

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Looks so cool that I’m tempted to buy a mini just for that :sweat_smile:


FWIW, I’m using one with an Intel chip model Mac Mini and would highly recommend. Easy access to ports and haven’t had any problems with use. It is a set and forget item. Over time you just think its part of the Mac mini.


Thanks MPU… More money spent!

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I think you’re kidding :slight_smile: - but I might not be…

… This looks to solve any reasonable “ports” problem I might have. I’m still not convinced the machine has enough memory for the long term…

… So my plan remains to await 2021 developments and make a decision on what should replace my personal 2011 13" MBP. If it’s a Mac Mini then I would hope this dock would continue to work.

I used it with my 2018 Intel Mac Mini and moved it over to my new M1 Mac Mini earlier this year. Works great…just wished the colors matched :confused:

They sell the dock in Silver too…

I really wish the M1 Mini came in Space Gray tho.

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I have one of the silver ones with my M1 Mac Mini, and it works great. Ports are a little snug, but had no issues with connectivity. I heard they got a little toasty with the Intel Mac Mini, but the M1 is much cooler so no issues here :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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It seemed like there were enough good comments on this thread that I ordered one as well for an M1 Mac Mini. I ordered direct from the their site, got free shipping, and used the discount code IPADOS for 15% off. Thank you for the topic @Ben_Wah.


You will be very happy with it… I ended up buying 2 more for others in our company…

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The new Silver model for M1 mini just came up on, so mine will deliver Tuesday. I am hoping it will be a good experience!! They look very nice and their people seem pretty quick to answer and be helpful.

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Thanks for all the input. It seems like this device is the way to go and everyone is having a good experience with it.

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Good looking out. Just placed my order.

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My evaluation of the new silver model = mixed bag so far

Looks nice…easy to work with…convenient front ports…no issues with Bluetooth and my MX Master 3 or Keys keyboard so far

The 3 USB3 ports are TIGHT!! Tested 2 thumb drives and a USB3 cable. I truly thought I wasn’t going to be able to remove them. The USB-C port is A-OK.

I know they state that the USB-C is only 5 GBPS. My plan was to upgrade from my Belkin F4U090btBLK USB-IF Certified 4-Port Mini USB-C Hub with Two USB-C and Two USB-A Ports, Black, which is half the price of the Satechi.

I did a comparison test moving a 2 GB file from the mini to a SanDisk external SSD. Via the Satechi was 54 seconds and via the Belkin was 15 seconds. The Belkin is also rated at 5 GBPS. So, something rotten in Denmark there.

EDIT: As far as heat goes, the mini gets 2 to 3 C warmer than normal.

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