Mac mini without wired keyboard?

I replaced my MacBook Air with a Mac mini M1. I’m spending more time at home so now I have my work laptop and mini connected to the same display and can switch with ease. So far so good except…

I have a Logi wireless keyboard and mouse. I had to borrow a wired keyboard for the initial mini setup but thought after that I would be good to go. I installed a software update and after restarting the Mac prompted for my password. The wireless keyboard or mouse wouldn’t work - seems the bluetooth connection wasn’t working.

I had to borrow a wired keyboard again. Once the mini finished updating and logged in, the wireless keyboard worked again. Will I have to do this every time I update? I might be missing something but I’m concerned I made the wrong decision… anyone have this same issue?

Yep, I had this issue. I fixed it by connecting the logi dongle to the Mac Mini. Then, it acts as a wired keyboard.

It’s a known issue, I think the Bluetooth devices are not connected upon initial boot because of File Vault.


Thank you @mina! This worked and saved me so much headache.

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The “Unified Receiver” presents the device as a wired keyboard or mouse. It’s a lifesaver, you just drop it and forget about it.

I use a Logitech MX mouse with Bluetooth and a Keychron Bluetooth keyboard with my M1 mini, and I can report I don’t have to do anything special for these to reconnect when upgrading. Just upgraded to Monterey beta the other day. It does take a minute, but the devices show up.

I have the same problem. It is my understanding that for security reasons, non-Apple Bluetooth devices do not connect on boot with FileVault enabled. I use an Apple Bluetooth keyboard which does work on boot.

I have the same issue with my Logitech Bluetooth mouse; I use my Apple trackpad on boot to move the mouse cursor.

I have not tried the USB dongle in part because I do not at this point have any USB 2.0 hubs attached to my M1 Mini, and I recall in the past that it did not work reliably with USB 3.0 hubs. If that is no longer an issue I should perhaps try again.