Mac Outlook vs. Windows Outlook

I moved from a Windows PC to a Mac at work about 2 years ago. Our company is still about 90% PC, and very much an MS Office outfit. I was really effective with MS Office on Windows, particularly Outlook. Outlook for the Mac has really evolved over the past couple years, but is still no where near parity with Windows Outlook. For example, windows management for emails is much better, as is search, Task management, and integration with OneNote just to name a few features.

Have others felt this same pain in moving from Windows Outlook? Have you found a way to overcome any of what is missing? I’d be interested in hearing thoughts from others on this topic.


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Sounds strange in a Mac forum, but I really like Outlook on Windows for my business mail. So, for that reason I run Windows 10 under Parallels just to get the features you described. It’s just another window on the desktop, integrates with the Mac file system and other default apps.


I (have to) use Outlook for Windows every day. I hate it with a passion. If it worked 100% of the time I would be at an uneasy truce with it, but it doesn’t.

Outlook on Mac seems to owe more to Outlook for iOS/iPadOS and none of those platforms do a great job. In fact, other than outright speed, my favourite version of Outlook is the web version which has come on in much greater leaps and bounds than the Mac app in recent years.

I might use Outlook for Mac more (at home for work email) if it wouldn’t insist on downloading ALL of my mail. I have gazillions of emails that I don’t need to see the contents of unless I search for them (which can be done quite happily on the server).

As I noted in another thread, the Mac version still has one annoying shortcoming that Microsoft keeps leaving unfixed, despite saying for years now that it’s “under review”:

They are doing a very, VERY careful review.

There is the promise of this coming soon. It has rounded corners so it must be better.

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